Monday, 24 December 2012

B.o.B @StarMount Studio

B.o.B was here, laying down some guitars and bass for upcoming release. Great vibe and nice hooks from the multi talented artiste/producer. We had the first taste of FGN electric guitars and bass guitars from Candor Music. All lines were DI through our favorite Radial JDI Duplex and into Chandler TG II and topped with a slight massage from Neve Portico 5043 Compressors. Nothing is more rewarding than to see wide smiles happy clients :)

B.o.B at work

The producer/artiste

QE the recording engineer

B.o.B and Alex @StarMount Studio

FGN electric. Loving the tone.

4 strings Jazz Bass. Fat tone with nice mids. Highly recommended.

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Beach Honey @StarMount Studio

Beach Honey (Shanghai) was here for their upcoming singles release. We also had the opportunity to work with Kevin Quah 柯貴民, Singapore based music producer for many A-list artistes in the region.
It has been a great experience being with one of the best music producers in the region, especially on the vocals.

Friday, 30 November 2012

Bihzhu is Nominated in VIMA Awards 2013

Bihzhu is nominated in VIMA Awards 2013 for Best Overall Female Act, Best Pop Song, Best Pop Act, and Best Gender Bender. Congratulations to Bihzhu and Savy, Producer for" Nightingale Tales". Vote and support!!

Nightingale Tales cover art
pictures from

Amirah Ali @StarMount Studio

We had talented Amirah Ali in the studio for rhythm section recordings and also an interesting recording of traditional "Asli" style violin. Its an one day blocked session and we appreciate clients that would allow enough time for us to get the optimum setup for their projects.  sE Gemini MKII was used for Amirah's vocals. Its able to capture the body and the nuances of the vocal performance, and through its dual valved circuitry, a lush and full bodied sound was presented through the Solitaire 6a Speakers.
JZ V67 was put to the task for violin recording. Placed 2 ft above the source, we could get a nice blend of mids and high mids from the violin. Neve Portico pre and comp were used and the transformers were driven up to get more saturation feel to the sound source.

Amirah is nominated for 6 categories in the VIMA Awards 2013. We wish her all the best and vote!

Getting the groove on
Furman HR-6, Studio's best friend :)

The Bassment Syndicate @ StarMount Studio

The Bassment Syndicate was here for their upcoming album release. Great tunes and extremely fun and inspiring live sessions. Experimenting on drums set up, getting the right synths patches and definitely setting the mics right and matching them to the right pres and outboards.

Little Phatty stacked Fantom with Motif
Omar's obsession
Chill time at the lounge
Color and tone matching, grab their album to check it out!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

"A Whore's Dream" Soundtrack Recording

We had Faraz Khordad coming in for solo piano act. Original composition for a short film titled "A Whore 's Dream". sE 4400a pair, omni, to the Neve Portico 5012 and 5043. Result is a dark yet musical sounding grand piano. It even changed the tone of the usually bright Yamaha. Great stuffs.

Pictures courtesy of Faraz Khordad.

Let the inspiration flow...
Enjoying the moment
Alex and Faraz

JT Tracking Horns @ StarMount Studio

We have John Thomas coming over for some horn dubs on his upcoming album. Great stuffs, and we had Patrick Tebrack and Marques Young on the saxophone and trombone. JZ V67 performed well on capturing the horns together. Through the Chandler TGII and slight compression on the Neve Portico 5043, we've got a nice blend on the mids and controlled top end fits nicely in the track.

JT and the Cats

Always great to record them together

Friday, 28 September 2012

Maestro Fung @ StarMount Studio

One day away from his flight back to NYC, Fung Chern Hwei graced StarMount Studio with his latest composition " When She Spread's Her Wings". It wasn't the usual acoustic setup as we're dealing with Distortion Guitars, Effected Violin and Cello and to fit all in one room with the maximum isolation. Challenging session, but beautiful music made it all worth it. 

Chern Hwei with musicians from Platform 11.

One Thing - Faris 'aka' Freeze @ StarMount Studio

We had one of the youngest client in the studio during the Raya Month. "Coolest Faris" aka "Freeze" was here for his recording of " One Thing" by One Direction. It was amazing to see how well prepared and well composed Faris was throughout the session. It was definitely an inspiring recording session for everyone in StarMount Studio.

All set to start recording 
Laying down the beats on the Artisan 
Faris and Family

Listening to his playback...

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Pop from HK @StarMount Studio

We recently held sessions for a pop music project from HongKong. The production team brought in their own U87 and SSL 4000 Channel Stripe for the project. Its definitely an exciting moment as there aren't many SSL consoles around in KL and we got to use the real channel stripe rather than using the plugs.
We had Lydia and Rui Ping on the backing vocals, tracked with our faithful sE3300 into the Neve Porticos. Gary Gideon, highly acclaimed sessionist in the pop scene, talendted Ken Chung on bass.

We also had 7 piece strings section, 4 violins, 2 violas and 1 cello. We had the SSL Channel strip on the cello. We're surprised as we paried JZ V67 with the channel strip and the sound was solid, especially on the low end of the cello. The violas tracked with U87 through Chandler TG2 amd the violins tracked with sE3a pencils into Neve Porticos.

Production Team and the Sessionists

Gary working out his magic
Great players. Plug and Play.

Solid, tight bottom

Sunday, 15 July 2012

We're here for a better tomorrow

Musicians, singer songwriters, producers gathered in StarMount Studio for one cause. A better tomorrow. We're recording songs to express our love to the country and future generations. Have it saving our heritage (Jalan Sultan), saving the environment ( against rare-earth processing plants in Kuantan) or saving ourselves ( for a more transparent society). After all, Its great and rare to have so many artistes into the studio at the same time. Most importantly, everyone was having a great time and good memories are left in the studio...

Shining Star
Masters at work

Great folks! 

Heritage must be preserved
For green peace!
Time to change

Playing it right

Taking it seriously

Together we stand
Doing our part for a better tomorrow
Even its late at night...
Every note counts

No voices were left behind!

We just want harmony

Saturday, 14 July 2012

More Strings and Movie OST@ StarMount Studio

We've been doing quite a lot of strings lately, here's one meant for an upcoming movie OST, composed, arranged and also produced by Qahhar. He brought in strings players and also the bubbly and powerful (voice) Heela Monica to StarMount Studio. Ok, we can only disclose this much information for now :)

Heela Monica surrounded by cushions.

On the spot re-arrangements..

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Q Sound@ StarMount Studio

Great tunes and great times we had when Marques Young and the band recorded new materials for his upcoming album. We had John Thomas on drums, Zailan Razak bass, John Dip Silas playing the keys, Patrick Tebrack on Sax and Marques for the vocals and trombone.
Its always fun and challenging as we tracked all live. Utilizing all the space and rooms available, including the control room. The sound sources were well isolated and we love how the 22" hi hat sounding from the speakers.
That's the hi hat

StarMount Cafe

Can tell its a good session

Tracking off in control room

We were surprised  with Audient Black Series, where we put the Kick (e902) and Snare (SM57) through it. It has a nice saturation and punch when we crank up the thx on the pres, Glo on the EQ and both Overcomp and Smooth on the way out. It was amazing that the Audient Blacks could offer such variety of tone color, from rather transparent and open, to some really warm and punchy sounds.