Monday, 12 May 2014

Violin Recording for "Black Martini"

We set up the session early in the morning as we were having a session in real time with our "day and night different time zone" counter part from the states- incredibly talented Joe Johnson.

JZ 11 is our go to microphone these days. Apart from its friendly pricing, it is such a utilitarian microphone that offers the right amount of sonic character for vocals and other musical instruments.

The low mids are tight and the highs are well controlled without much bumps, thus we need not to worry about dipping the sibilance. And we turned to the Porticos for the warm and silky string sound. I would say the mic pre is very musical and surprisingly Mr Rupert Neve has done a very good job on the 5043 compressor. It just gives us the tonal character we wanted easily- musical. We do admit that the pres are not as tight on the low end, but the Silk mode made it up for strings instruments and we particularly love it on the piano. 

We're honored and grateful to have talented people coming into the studio. Great music, great vibe. Click here for some clips from "Black Martini".

Listening to Joe on the other side of the globe.

Tools of trade