Friday, 30 November 2012

Amirah Ali @StarMount Studio

We had talented Amirah Ali in the studio for rhythm section recordings and also an interesting recording of traditional "Asli" style violin. Its an one day blocked session and we appreciate clients that would allow enough time for us to get the optimum setup for their projects.  sE Gemini MKII was used for Amirah's vocals. Its able to capture the body and the nuances of the vocal performance, and through its dual valved circuitry, a lush and full bodied sound was presented through the Solitaire 6a Speakers.
JZ V67 was put to the task for violin recording. Placed 2 ft above the source, we could get a nice blend of mids and high mids from the violin. Neve Portico pre and comp were used and the transformers were driven up to get more saturation feel to the sound source.

Amirah is nominated for 6 categories in the VIMA Awards 2013. We wish her all the best and vote!

Getting the groove on
Furman HR-6, Studio's best friend :)

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