Friday, 9 February 2018

Interns wanted

The title is self explanatory. As the number of gears in the studio getting larger, so as the cable count, racks, and many thing else except the space and man power.

This is one good opportunity to experience different equipments that are being used in the studio, and getting to know the types and differences between different make of cables.


1. Strong (not muscular) physics (able to carry a chair)
2. Hands and feet coordination skills ( can carry things and walk at the same time)
3. Understand at least one language (English, Malay, Mandarin)
4. Able to communicate with at least one language. (English, Malay, Mandarin)
5. Self Provided Transport. (close proximity to the studio location prefered)

Job Scope:
1. Sorting out  cables and organize them into respective categories
2. Sorting out  cables and organize them into respective categories
3. Sorting out  cables and organize them into respective categories
4. Carrying and connecting equipments
5. Labeling connections
6. Soldering of wires/cables (if you know how to do it would be great)
7. House Keeping (we're doing it already, an extra pair of hands would be great help)

"Dancing Shoes" Ryot Jones@StarMount Studio

Bright vibes follows wherever this band goes. Its precious that everyone is dedicated to make time, and get together to make music. These guys have hectic schedules and we manage to get them into one space for their debut single "Dancing Shoes"

Time was limited and we had only half a day to track the whole band. Got the rhythm section up through our trusted Audient Zen and bass direct into our go to Tree Audio Branch with little compression.

Guitars through the Vox AC30CCX, picked up with sE4400. Vocals were tracked with our latest addition of the Calrec Soundfield MKV. The voice captured was spacious and it sits very well in the mix even without any processing. Truly one of the best addition to the studio. 

The band was looking at a retro-ish vibe thus we sculpted the sound to be back at the 90's, especially with the synths and keyboard patches. 

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Listening Party

The studio just got a major rewiring. We've got in some really nice ADDA converters as well.

CraneSong Avocet is the centre of monitor controlling, providing the links to Horus DA, Lavry Blue DA, Genex gx8500 and RME ADI 8 QS.

We are a strong believer on ADDA conversion quality affects heavily on the outcome and the sound of a production (make or break).

Now we have the opportunity to house these few world class gems and hear them out in a press of a button.

We're pleased to have a pair of HEDD speakers to try out (courtesy of Dennis Tan of Roland Asia Pacific). And also be listen to Axis Voicebox passive speakers.

NewSound "BEARING WITNESS" @ StarMount Studio

John Dip Silas brought NewSound over to track originals from his new band "NewSound". Talented band mates like Hor Chee Seng on the guitars, Icco Noel and Terence Ling on bass and drums, Hiroyuki Yagi and Scott Murphy on the  horns, and of course John Dip Silas on the piano and keys.

The sessions were all recorded live/simultaneously. Its challenging and exciting the same time especially when we're trying to achieve full sound recordings with minimum spills into each microphones. 

Both saxophones, tenor  (Scott) and alto, sometimes soprano (Yagi) were placed in the control room, and the rest of the band in the main tracking room where the grand piano and drums were at. 

Bass was tracked directly into Avalon U5, Guitars went into Radial JDI, tracking the direct signal and tie line into the amps (Mostly Fender Hot Rod)  in the booth, So we've got both DI(direct for re-amping) and amp sound captured in the room.