Wednesday, 15 May 2013

FUGU@ StarMount Studio

It was midnight and we had FUGU, consist of Chern Hwei(Electric Violin)  and Chor Guan(Theremin) visiting to have their electrifying moments recorded in StarMount Studio.
All set for Round 1


Killing the set
Electrifying session

Live Jazz@ StarMount Studio

Great musical moments were created and captured when Marques (Trombone), Patrick (Alto Saxophone), Wei Xiang (Piano), Kerong (Organ) and Wen Ming(Drums) got together to lay down their works in StarMount Studio. Session was live and we separated the horns, trombone in the Control Room, Alto Sax in the booth, and the rhythm section in the live room.

We tracked the drums and organ through our 16 channel Audient Zen, the horns through the Chandler TG2 and piano through Neve Portico 5043 with the silk on.
We had this on a 2 day session and the sets are great.

Making sure the piano is nice and comfy.

The magnificent trio

Pick your best seat, show is starting.
From left: Kerong,Patrick, Marques, WenMing,WeiXiang, QE and Alex