Wednesday, 4 February 2015


R.P.T  Kimberlite Power Cord from Rabpit Audio is currently in StarMount Studio. Courtesy of Ganz Lim of SoundBuz we are able to experience and find out how much difference does a well done power cord compared to stock/ the common ones that came with the equipments.

The unit came with a nicely packed black box, and it was heavy and shouting luxury on every inch of the package. The Kimberlite power cord was nicely coiled and placed in the centre and the sight was  We first got it into Audient Zen Mixing Console. While playing back, the first thing that everyone in the room felt was the extra headroom and depth from our usual listening experience. Its slightly softer when we had the normal power cord but the reproduction of sound was more refine and less noise. 

As for the inputs from the Audient Zen mic pres, we noticed less noise as we approach maximum gain, and the sound texture had more definition. The difference was more significant when we had that on Tree Audio Branch channel strip, where much lower noise floor was achieved and the tone and texture were much more velvety and smoother in a very pleasant way. We were quite excited to this finding as the difference was the most significant.

We were told that it works best on the AD/DA converters, so it was then powering the premium AD/DA converters of Horus. We could hardly hear any significant differences as when it was on the other equipments. 

Electricity is definitely the most crucial and overlooked element in most of the studio environment. Clean electricity is like clean blood to maintain a healthy body. And yes, this cable does help us to hear and work better. The truth is, one unit would not be enough and it will cost a lot of money for this 'invisible investment'.

Moment of Truth.