Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year 2012

Stairway to StarMount
It has been a great year for StarMount Studio. We hereby thank you for your continuous support and hope to see you soon!

The studio will be taking a day off on the 1st and will be fully operational on the 2nd of Jan 2012. Fun and exciting time awaits!!!   HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Friday, 30 December 2011

Off The Cuff @StarMount Studio

Off The Cuff, a young and promising band came all the way from Singapore for their debut album. Featuring Meryl Joan Lee on vocals, Sooty Heng on the piano, Seow Yi Zhe double bass and Benjamin Low on drums.

We were excited to record the band as they also brought in the whole arsenal of Analysis Plus cables for the recording. Most were hooked up with the Yellow Ovals except Vocals and Double Bass on the Pro Ovals.

As usual, sE4400 stereo pair is our favorite for piano, JZ V12 for vocals, Ribbon tube on the double bass (sounded so rich and warm), as for drums, overheads sE 3, snare SM57 and bass drum e902.

We were lucky to have Artisan series of Dixon for the recordings as well. The set is coated with Dixon's patented liquid gold finish and we like what we see. As for sound we love what we're hearing from the drum kit. Although the 22"x 18" is a bit too large for us, but we're loving the warm lows from the kick. The flexible tuning range is definitely helpful in getting the right tone for the songs.

We had all Analysis Plus cables for the entire recordings, including the interconnects to the monitor speakers. Blue Ovals really helps the Quested V2108 to reveal more especially on the high frequencies, wider stereo field and we also noticed faster transients as well.

Neve Portico on vocals, and bass, Chandler TG2 for pianos and the rest through Zen console. All in all, the audio quality was surprising and it's definitely another pleasant and enjoyable session to all. We'll keep you posted on their album release, definitely not to be missed.

Enjoy :)
Great times and lots of fun. Frm left: Meryl, Yi Zhe, Sooty & Benjamin

Artisan with some really interesting cymbals.

Its full on Analysis Plus Cables! The white capped, purple one is the Pro Ovals...

Pro Ovals Instrument Cable for the DI.

Our already favorite sE4400 sounding ever awesome with the Yellow Ovals.

You must watch out for her.. great vocals!

The bass camp.

Even the piano is getting cozy with the comforters... Off the Cuff in action.
Pictures provided by Felix Voon@StarMount Studio

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Cables ShootOut @ StarMount Studio

We had the opportunity to get our hands on a wide range of cables lately. We'll be doing cables shoot out with the following:
Analysis Pro- Black Ovals, Choc Ovals, Blue Ovals, Yellow Ovals, Pro Ovals.
VOVOX- Link Cables
LAVA Cables- Magma, Vintage Tweed, Retro Coil, Soar, LAVA ELC, Clear Connect, and LAVA Custom.

Other brands includes : DiMarzio instrument cables, Planet Waves instrument cables and Canare Star-quad cables.

We welcome all to join in the fun from 22 Dec 2011 till 27 Dec 2011. For enquiries or map to get here, please contact for more informations. Sound samples will be up soon!

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Videos taken from "Drumming with Style with Martin Ngim"

For those who missed out the drum workshop earlier on, Concerto Music has made some nice clips for you! Here's one of the video from our first workshop series at StarMount Studio, thanks to the main organizer Concerto Music to bring the workshop series into StarMount Studio. Thanks Danny Chen, Alex Hong and Jason Teo, and of course, Martin Ngim for making the workshop a success. Enjoy...

Crystal Silence Cover- "Drumming With Style with Martin Ngim"

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Best Time for Piano Recordings

 The Yamaha DC-1in Studio A is tuned and the actions are re-calibrated by our skilled Mr. Chew. The tuning reference now is at 440Hz. This is the best time to get some piano tracks down without requesting for additional tuning fee needed. Contact us at for studio rates and session bookings!

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Feature Film Shot and Recorded @ StarMount Studio B

We had Ali Reza and his crew coming over for his latest feature film shot and recored at Studio B. Its always fun to see new setups and explore more possibilities to use the room other than just audio recording. Plus, this is the first day of our new assistant engineer Q.E Lim. Welcome aboard :)

Soundtrack for film at StarMount Studio

Strings and more strings coming in the studio these days. And it's lots of fun and hard work, most of all great effort to everyone involved in the movie soundtrack production.
Mixing cues and matching music to pictures are something new to our engineers and not to mention around the clock tracking and mixing!

We had 2 groups of string players coming in for the tracks and also cutting some rhythm sections and most of all the beautiful voice of miss Bell Foo.

sE Gemini sounds great when paired up with Bell's vocals. It gives such hugging warmth around the vocals, and it is really good if you're looking for the "intimate" vocal feel. Top end was silky and it sits right in the mix nicely.

JZ V12 was use for some "sweet" vocals as the strong mids from the mic and creamy top end gives it a solid yet punchy performance. Its interesting that this FET could produce texture very close to a tube mic would.

Looking forward to the mastering of the movie and will keep you guys posted when the movie is out!

Cross checking strings arrangements : From Left Jin Tat, Felix, Chern Hwei 
Strings rehearsal at the lounge, we might record here next time :)

Edmund Yong on the drums

Studio A live room

One of a few group pictures : From right Felix, Alex, Jin Tat, Cellist Bell Foo, Vincent Chin and strings players.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Audient Shines at StarMount Studio!

 We are on Audient's Newsletter!!!  Its a coverage about us using ASP 008 one of our favorite multi channel mic pres in the studio. It has recently put into action on Jazz Trio, String Quartets and also on some pop materials.
ASP 008
Thanks Audient and SoundBuz for the opportunity given.

Here's the link to the Newsletter:
Audient Shines at StarMount Studio