Wednesday, 10 October 2012

"A Whore's Dream" Soundtrack Recording

We had Faraz Khordad coming in for solo piano act. Original composition for a short film titled "A Whore 's Dream". sE 4400a pair, omni, to the Neve Portico 5012 and 5043. Result is a dark yet musical sounding grand piano. It even changed the tone of the usually bright Yamaha. Great stuffs.

Pictures courtesy of Faraz Khordad.

Let the inspiration flow...
Enjoying the moment
Alex and Faraz

JT Tracking Horns @ StarMount Studio

We have John Thomas coming over for some horn dubs on his upcoming album. Great stuffs, and we had Patrick Tebrack and Marques Young on the saxophone and trombone. JZ V67 performed well on capturing the horns together. Through the Chandler TGII and slight compression on the Neve Portico 5043, we've got a nice blend on the mids and controlled top end fits nicely in the track.

JT and the Cats

Always great to record them together