Thursday, 16 January 2014

Tribute To Yao Min Rehearsal @ StarMount Studio

WVC Trio+ 1 was rehearsing for "Tribute to Yao Min", organized by Han Production and lead by one of Malaysia's top vocal talent/ artise Yang Wei Han. The idea was to rehearse the songs, do the rundown from top til end and most importantly get them recorded. This was good for the other artistes/ singers that couldn't make it for the rehearsal and be able to know whats going on and rehearse by themselves.
Although it was just a rehearsal session, we prep it up like a recording session that the client could use the material for further release.
The band was great to work with and we hook the signals through the Audient Zen, which so far its the best option to get a balance overall band sound when tracking together. After so many matching and pairing, we found that using the same line/ character of pres and A/D converters contributes to the "one-ness" or the coherence in between instruments.

Wei Han coordinating with music director Cher Siang.

Mee Eng and Suan

Music Director.

KJ Wong

Julian Chan

AJ Pop Shuvit