Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Joi Noir Debut Album@StarMount Studio

Joi Noir came at the right time to be the first rock band recorded with our new Pyramix system. We were all excited to see how much of a difference, given the huge amount of headroom would benefit in the genre of rock music. 

The whole tracking process had been a fruitful journey for both the band and the studio. Both were pushing to get the best performance from the session. Often scaling on the edge and sometimes over the edge to be a little bit more interesting and experimental, the sessions had been all about challenging the dynamic range of the converters, getting the most organic sound from the drums, electric guitars and bass.  

We kept the signal flow as short as possible, from the mics to the mic pres of Audient Zen mixing console, into Horus premium converters. Microphone placements and pairings were the variables we used.

And now the band has almost done mixing the album and is about to get the tracks mastered. This is a true international project as the band traveled around the globe to pick their flavors. Tracking was done in Big A Productions and StarMount Studio (Malaysia), Mixed by Gareth Jones (UK) and  will be mastered by Marc Antonio Spaventi in Amsterdam. 

The band has started a campaign at Indiegogo to fund for this debut album. We are definitely looking forward to the completion of Joi Noir's debut album

Olga on  the lead with authority

Legendary Pairing

The Band Rocking out Live

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Thank You 2014, Cheers to 2015!

Its been an exciting year to StarMount Studio. We made new friends, expanded into new territories, major changes in the studio, new addition of facilities and all other special little moments that enriched our year.

Just a quick recap, we now have 2 working studios - Studio HD and The Upstairs.

Studio HD

Housing ProTools HD 8 and packed with the color palette from Lavry, RME, Tree Audio, Chandler Limited, Rupert Neve Designs and Audient, we have wide selection of tone colors for vocals and acoustic instruments recording.

Monitoring options are Yamaha MSP7, Adam F7 and Solitaire 5a.

The room was made rather reflective, as we were looking at a more natural and lively recordings as oppose to a damped room. Dampening options are available with reflexion filter, drapes and pads if necessary.

The highlight of Studio HD is, the price. We intend to make the rates affordable for everyone. Do hit us up to check on the studio rates and packages for your project needs.

The Upstairs

We are delighted to introduce Pyramix 9 Mass core with Horus interface (DSD) in The Upstairs.
The never ending crave for good sound has led us into this system and although the learning curve is really a painful one but all is worthwhile for its quality. We are now capable of going up to 384khz in PCM format, and DSD256.

Come and experience the joy and pleasure together with us as It never stops to impress after months of having the new system!

Cheers to 2015!

New addition: Fender TwinReverb @The Upstairs