Friday, 25 August 2017

Coffee at StarMount Studio!

A.M or P.M or back to A.M. there would be time that we just wanted to nose and taste a nice brewed coffee to get going.

Now, we have finally got what we wished for.. a coffee bar! For the time being, its only available to friends of StarMount Studio. Now freshly brewed coffee, and sometimes fancy latte art is available all day and night long! We have sourced our coffee carefully and they were air flown in to ensure its freshness for consumption.

Canopus Yaiba GrooveKit@StarMount Studio (Discounts inside)

Known for their exceptional craftsmanship and passion towards sound, Canopus Drums has been on our wish list of drums to be in the studio.Thanks for Drumstore Malaysia, we finally got the Groove kit from the Yaiba series into the studio.

The toms are so musical, responsive and lush. Its a breeze to tune up the kit, and the tuning range is very versatile for various types of genre.

It was put straight into music production across genres of Pop, Jazz and Rock music. Feedback from our fellow session drummers were very positive, and all were complimenting about the musical tones, the ability to control the resonance and decay of the toms, and the kit just encourage and inspires them to hit the drums more.

Axis VoiceBox S Loudspeaker @StarMount Studio

We are delighted to have a pair of Axis VoiceBox S in the studio, and it could never be any better to be able to meet the designer/ founder John Reilly from Australia.

The ones we've got are piano black in gloss finishing. These are passive speakers and they housed interesting vertical ribbon tweeters paired with 5 inch driver.