Friday, 23 September 2016

Candy Ice D.Va@StarMount Studio

Candy Ice, celebrity and pop sensation was here for her recording on D.Va debut album. Lead by Candy as the executive producer, the young and talented team of Kido Lee (Producer) and Wee Ting (Vocal Coach) came up with some nice tunes, covering fast paced and slow ballad.

Vocal Chain: Tree Audio Branch and Fredenstein F200 for the fast and slow songs. Microphones were sE Gemini MK2 and Telefunken AK47, going into Lavry Blue AD. Tree Audio Branch was cranked up hot, and we worked the opto compressor for the rich harmonics and extra saturation on the song D.VA.

Fredenstein F200 was being used (courtesy of Ganz from Soundbuz) for the ballad. We were looking for a clean and big but not in the face vocals. It was great to have the F200 as it was not only has 2 channels, it has a compressor (transformer) and it can be used as parallel or just pure transformer sound from the compressor. I would say its such a thoughtful and effective way, especially for recording. We love the versatility and wished it could be de tented for a more accurate recall.
We blended Telefunken AK47 with AE2000 just to get the body and top end, mostly from the AK47.
Fredenstein can be clean and also colorful, compressors are forgiving and easy to operate as well.

Links to music video: