Friday, 29 August 2014

Introducing "Studio HD" new addition of StarMount Studio

Things were moving fast in the studio and it has been a while since our last update. 

With much delight, we're introducing the well equipped "Studio HD". Its a vocal-centric recording facility that we have packed in different colors of mic pres and gathered one of the best AD/DA converters in the industry for the one that matters most - vocals. 
The Studio can do up to 12 tracks simultaneous recording, to cater for drums and other instruments recordings. 

The live room is really "live" as we would want to have a more open sound as compared to the ones we already had. It offers a breath of fresh air and we love it after listening to the tracks recorded in the room. Its natural, and sits in the mix easily without much need of an reverb to live up the vocals. 
Its all about the fun of recording and experiment in this new Studio HD. 
The best part is, our main objective for this studio is to make it very affordable so that you can have more time to track your vocals, which is the most important element in the song. 

Its officially available to all starting November 3rd and please do drop us an email for bookings and enquiries. 

Gears List at the moment:

Pro Tools HD8 with Waves Platinum pack and more.
Lavry Blue AD/DA
Tree Audio Branch
Chandler Limited TG2
Audient ASP008
Audient Centro
Yamaha MSP 7

Our new favorite place.

New room, new sound. Love it.