Tuesday, 18 October 2016

《给它一个家》Awareness Campaign for the Abandoned Companions

The studio was star studded for 3 full days consecutively. We had 22 Malaysian artistes lending voice and their kindness towards the awareness of abandoned pets, especially the strays on the streets.

Its such a great experience where the the studio was charged up with positive vibes, seeing artistes from various labels getting together for a good cause. The crews were working tirelessly taking footages as we were recording. It was exciting and challenging at the same time, as we had back to back schedules to fit and we had to get the best tone in such a short time frame.
2 mics, sE Gemini Mk2 and JZ v11 were put to the tasks. We had an all tube setup and a transformer charged channel to handle different tones and projections from the artistes.

The sE Gemini was paired with Tree Audio Branch, and JZ v11 went through Chandler TG2 with Neve Portico 5043 Comp. This was an interesting pairing where the sE GeminiMK2 gave a crisps presence, only set back was the limitation of SPL handling. On the other hand, JZv11 through the transformer chain gave a warm, big sound which fits perfectly for the powerhouse vocals.

We had over 120 vocal tracks in the end, and the Pyramix DAW was handling well without any glitches or any signs of latency albeit having a few plugins on each channels. This was a first for us to put the DAW to test and we were very happy with its performances.

StarMount Studio is grateful to be given such opportunity to host the recording of this project. Heartfelt thanks and congratulations to Bocai and team for bringing such heart warming campaign into Malaysia!

Here's the artistes rosters, and the official music video of the theme song, launched recently on the 17th Oct.

张祖诚,Jaclyn Victor,林德荣,罗忆诗,Beeman @ Manhand,Alvin鍾瑾桦,谢婉婷,林健辉,Geraldine颜慧萍,方炯嘉,Apple 邱诗凌,刘界辉,龚柯允 ,Alycia ,Ribbon黄若熙,Jin薛炳进,Juwei Teoh,马嘉轩,王明丽,赵洁莹,Von @Manhand,Zen 俊倩