Sunday, 15 July 2012

We're here for a better tomorrow

Musicians, singer songwriters, producers gathered in StarMount Studio for one cause. A better tomorrow. We're recording songs to express our love to the country and future generations. Have it saving our heritage (Jalan Sultan), saving the environment ( against rare-earth processing plants in Kuantan) or saving ourselves ( for a more transparent society). After all, Its great and rare to have so many artistes into the studio at the same time. Most importantly, everyone was having a great time and good memories are left in the studio...

Shining Star
Masters at work

Great folks! 

Heritage must be preserved
For green peace!
Time to change

Playing it right

Taking it seriously

Together we stand
Doing our part for a better tomorrow
Even its late at night...
Every note counts

No voices were left behind!

We just want harmony

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