Thursday, 15 December 2011

Soundtrack for film at StarMount Studio

Strings and more strings coming in the studio these days. And it's lots of fun and hard work, most of all great effort to everyone involved in the movie soundtrack production.
Mixing cues and matching music to pictures are something new to our engineers and not to mention around the clock tracking and mixing!

We had 2 groups of string players coming in for the tracks and also cutting some rhythm sections and most of all the beautiful voice of miss Bell Foo.

sE Gemini sounds great when paired up with Bell's vocals. It gives such hugging warmth around the vocals, and it is really good if you're looking for the "intimate" vocal feel. Top end was silky and it sits right in the mix nicely.

JZ V12 was use for some "sweet" vocals as the strong mids from the mic and creamy top end gives it a solid yet punchy performance. Its interesting that this FET could produce texture very close to a tube mic would.

Looking forward to the mastering of the movie and will keep you guys posted when the movie is out!

Cross checking strings arrangements : From Left Jin Tat, Felix, Chern Hwei 
Strings rehearsal at the lounge, we might record here next time :)

Edmund Yong on the drums

Studio A live room

One of a few group pictures : From right Felix, Alex, Jin Tat, Cellist Bell Foo, Vincent Chin and strings players.

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