Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Jalan- Jalan @StarMount Studio

Songstress Yudi Yap is back with her KopiSusu series, introducing her new original " Jalan-Jalan", a concoction of Yudi's poetic lyrics and Tay Cher Siang's musical genius. WVC Trio provided the musical backbone, and we had Fresco, an international award winning harmonica ensemble to be featured in the song. Double MS technique was used to capture the harmonica, having them surrounding the microphone sets, the recorded result were rich and real.

Yudi has put immense effort in introducing the NanYang tunes of the yesterdays, bridging and crossing over languages that many would never thought they were actually the same song, and some of its origins were from the old Malaya.

Although its a reissue of songs from previous album, the songs had undergone a complete remixing approachfrom the previous album, notably the vocals and double bass. The vocals has been tweaked to a more current sounding as compared to the previous album. The microphone used was sE RT1, a valved ribbon microphone with 16k cut off slope. So it took some effort to bring back the presence (air) on the recorded vocals.

There's also a show "Modern Grand Hotel-A Story Telling Live Concert" happening this Sept 8.9.15,16 and 17 that will feature some songs from the album.  Happening at the iconic Federal Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. Go check them out!

Yudi Yap (centre) with Fresco Harmonica Ensemble

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