Wednesday, 6 September 2017

FUGU for Mrs K @StarMount Studio

FUGU, an improvisational music duo of theremin and violin was here to record music excerpts for "Mrs K" a film by Director Ho Yuhang.

Starting with the strings, we mic up the quartet players in a line formation from frist violin to cello. sE 3as were used for first and second violin, about 2 ft above the player's head, Akg C451B on viola and JZ V11 on cello. With a pair of sE RT1 in Blumlein for the overall ambient microphone, lush strings sounds were captured.

On the piano, we had our go to sE4400a pair on the piano. To get a wider and warmer tone, omni pattern will do the job. A little adjustments on the distance from the sound board to the microphone, we manage to get the right color for the job.

Mrs K is screening now in all major cinemas in Malaysia now.

The Gang of Strings
crispy snares

The Eyes and The Ears
The wind guys
Ethereal Piano Playing

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