Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Lets go Live! @StarMount Studio

When there's new toy or new space, we love to share it with our friends. Bell and gang came over to our new live recording venue for an impromptu jam. Well, it looks pretty good and undeniably fun!

The new space is to encourage bands to have more live performance recordings in both audio and more importantly video. Getting own content out could be costly at times, so we have come out with this idea of a produced live performance. Bands, artistes, singer songwriters, even stand up comedies can have their performance and get recorded professionally by our certified StarMount Dynamic engineers.

Back to Bell's story, we hanged out at our little cafe corner after session, she saw the space and felt like having a go with it and there you go, a new music video is born! Its that easy.

We've got to try out BeyerDynamic microphones, courtesy of Barnabas Goh from Tecxel Global. M69 was on the guitar (highly recommended) TG D70 on the kick drum (highly malleable with eq and comp), TG D50 on snare top (interesting texture, try it). Then its sE4400 on single overheads, Vocals captured with Beta 57a and Bass went in direct into JDI 48.
All the signals were handled with our trusted Audient Zen console, into our RME and Lavry converters and process and mixed real time in Pro Tools HD.

Video is captured with Samsung S7 edge, handheld, single continuous cam. Tracking was done by Alex Tan and Mixed by Daniel Yap.

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