Thursday, 11 July 2013

Pay Fong Centennial Celebration Album @StarMount Studio

We were honored to be part of the Pey Fong High School (Melaka) for their Centennial Celebration. We tracked live for most of the music, led by aspiring music director Cher Siang and his amazing bandmates AJ Pop Shuvit, KJ Wong Julian Chan and Joel Woo, where the band nailed the instrumental parts within a day.
We used mono setup for the drums, utilizing only one pencil condenser as the overheads, and mic up the snare and bass drums. Piano were comfortably covered by dense fabrics and comforters, shielding the sE4400 pair from excessive leakage of sound. Bass was direct in to the Chandler TGII and Portico 5043 compression.

We had a pair of RT1s ribbon tube for the room as well, which then being used widely during the mix for its natural and warm character.

Laying down the foundation

The groove master

Happening horn lines


Beautiful voice by PaulWah Chew

Music Director at work

Alex with the fantastic vocals

The Man

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