Thursday, 4 July 2013

StarMount Studio Supports Bihzhu #CribConcert 3 presented by "Share The Love"

We're all geared up towards the upcoming crib concert of the talented Bihzhu. Happening this Sunday 7th July 2013. We'll be the tech crew and it'll involve location recording as well. 

Previously we were using RME Babyface as our main audio interface. We love the lightweight, compactness and most importantly  the driver is very reliable.

To handle multiple inputs, we linked up another 8 ins from Audient ASP008 via ADAT, which gives us a total of 10 ins. We're liking the pair very much as they are compact and powerful. The mic pres have sufficient headroom to cover the dynamic range and offer solid capture of the sound source.

This time around we would be trying out another powerful workhorse from the RME family- the UCX and also M-81 from Telefunken. Stay tuned and log on to the website on Sunday night 8pm!

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