Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Movie Theme Song Soundtrack and MV Shoot

We had the opportunity to work with Cher Siang and Yellow Movie for their upcoming movie theme song. Cher Siang as the music composer and music director, song was undoubtedly well written and with Stefano, vocal coaching was no joke. Much attention was paid on producing the vocals where we spent 2 days to just get the right feel for the first phrase of the song.

We also had the chance to use Fredenstein F603 EQ and F600 Compresser, and finally into Tree Audio Branch.  End result was amazing where we had huge and full sound on the vocals. Fredenstein has its very unique character on the EQ curves, the sheen is very prominent and the compressor with a very useful high-pass side chain providing the punch needed. The Branch fills up all the empty spaces with rich harmonics. The vocals sits in the centre and as few of us in the studio deemed "untouchable".
The Stars

Fredenstein Channel Strip in Bento 6

Close up on the channel strip. 
Tree Audio, The Branch

Vocal coach, Movie Producer, Music Director, A&R Exec and the Artiste. Taking things seriously.
The Maestro and little admirer..

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