Wednesday, 29 February 2012

March Promotion!!!

We're doing our first promotion of the year 2012. We are pleased to offer:

Studio B DIY Package (Bring your own DAW) -10 hours for just RM250 a day (Without Engineer)
Equipped with :

One of the settings in Studio B. (pic for reference only)

  1. Solitaire 5A Monitor Speakers and Yamaha MSP 7
  2. Audient Centro Master Section
  3. DigiRack 003 Interface
  4. sE 2200A (Review)
  5. Audient ASP 008 mic pre (supports AES and Optical link)
  6. Mackie Onyx mic pre
  7. Orange Tiny Terror  Head Amp
  8. M-Audio Keystation 61-es midi Controller
  9. Alpha Track midi Controller
  10. Samsung 17" LCD Monitor

This is best for budding Producers, Arrangers and students to complete their projects and meeting clients at a professional environment. (We started out in our bedroom too)
So just bring your laptop/ workstation over, plug and play! (or record, or mix) 

Engineer/ tech support will be provided on the first hour.  They can be hired at as low as RM25/ hr. (Rate varies with different engineers)

Plan your project timeline and contact us at:

Top up RM100 for Studio B live room and you can record a whole band!

Flo-ing Cello in Studio B live room
Ali Reza Feature Film Set in Studio B live room

Walkway to Studio B

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