Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Guitar Re-amping services

We're pleased to offer re-amping services for your DI guitars/ bass or anything you can think of ( we love vocals through amps!) Just send us your .wav file and we'll bring them out for some analog spa treatment and bring it back to you with a totally refreshed/ recharged (or whatever the beautician calls it) tracks to you!  
We use only Analysis Plus Yellow Ovals( Thanks YiZhe from Pulse Of Music) and Vovox Link Cables (Thanks SoundBuz) to carry and send the signals through and flow the entire chain. Choose from variety of mics, have it moving coils, FET condensers, Valve, Ribbon or even Ribbon Valve!!! And into Pres like Neve and Chandler and back to Lavry Blue/ Apogee Symphony ADCs... All at minimal cost!
We will be waiting for your emails....

Wonder how Vox and Fender pairing sounds like? 

We only have these so far.. and they're not reissues...

HotRod Deville and AC30CC2X.There's an Ampeg on the right..(out of pic)

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