Wednesday, 22 February 2012

If You Wonder Why...

We haven't been posting as frequent lately. After all the long and short holidays, we're back! Dixon Artisan drums are still sitting in our studio A , Courtesy of ConcertoMusic. And we also have support from SoundBuz for bringing in JZ microphones,  BH-1 , V12 and V47. We just fell in love with all of them as the mics were put to work! Anyways, we're back and here's some pics of the wonderful people we're working with..

Lydia stacking up the vocals

We had this duo on vocals... Wait till you hear the end product..

Another sE Gemini and JZ V12 double team.

Edmund on the drums (toned down version.)

This is one beautiful instrument!

Classical Cello session.

QC time...

Martin popping with the Artisan

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