Monday, 10 October 2011

Horn session with Jon Dante.

We recently had Jon Dante, principle trumpet for MPO (Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra) and now HKPO (HongKong Philharmonic Orchestra) in for Q Sound's upcoming project. The player is already fantastic so we need to make sure we're able to fully capture and preserve the performance.
We use the new JZ Vintage Series V12 microphone, placing about 2 ft away, off-axis slightly to the right of Jon's custom made horn. The signal was routed through Chandler TG2 coupled with Neve Portico 5043( high threshold, almost non compression) and finally back into the DAW via our Lavry Blue converters.
The end result was a smooth and lush tone, with the already smokey horn sound from the custom made piece. It has a vintage vibe of olden days recording as it has silky smooth top end, and fat mids.
The V12 has certainly surprised us with the full bodied sound, yet unlike the rest of the V series, It has a slight shimmer on the top end, which sounded so close to a valved microphone.
V12 put to work. The lush and warmth tone captured was incredible.
Check out the trumpet, the tone is amazing! Thanks Jon Dante!!!

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