Saturday, 29 October 2011

Late Night with John Dip Silas Trio

Not long ago, we had the John Dip Silas Trio over for a jazz trio recording, featuring John Dip Silas on piano, Benjamin Low on drums and Seow Yi Zhe on double bass. We don’t get recording sessions beginning at 12am too often, and this one is the first one in awhile. 
It was initially a jam session and it turned out the tunes were good for an EP!!! This is what StarMount Studio is all about, have it practice session or not, we will always treat it with 110% focus and effort on our work!

From Left: Benjamin Low, John Dip Silas and Seow Yi Zhe
(Pictures and session recorded by Felix Voon)

Trio in action (double bass in another booth) 

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