Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Jumero @StarMount Studio

You love them on live performances and now Jumero has hit the studio for their first studio release. We like the vibe of the band and decided to work together towards their first EP.
Much thought and effort has been put into this production and we're gonna make sure that it gets the most attention as much as possible. We love to host talented musicians and they're really good in what they are doing, writing songs and having fun.
We like the fact that the band is open to experiment on sounds and approach the songs differently. Exploring different sounds like using coins as triangles, using different unconventional mics for vocals, and we had one track all done with ribbon tube microphones (we like it very much). And the most precious thing is we all learnt from each other and grew as a team. Looking forward to the outcome of this project.

Jared, Ryan and Michael at StarMount Studio

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