Thursday, 5 April 2012

Platform 11, Keith Tan Vocals

We've reached the final tracking of the vocals of Keith Tan, Platform 11. Vocals coached by 管啟源 aka Guanone of the most sought after lyricist and music producer in the region. It's such a great experience working with passionate, dynamic, yet professional personnel.

Recorded in the vocal booth of Studio A, sE Gemini II, transported with Vovox Link into Chandler TG2 with extra boost. On the DAW, Metric Halo Channel Strip with activated Compressor, small hint of plate reverb and paired with MC 77 gave a nicely controlled vocal cue mixes. All in all, its productive and we look forward for more nights to come!

Producer getting his hands dirty on vocal comps.
Full of emotion, Keith Tan

Tracking vocals, QE Lim

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