Thursday, 8 March 2012

MIA Students in StarMount Studio

Led by Ken Hor, students from MIA (Malaysian Institute of Arts) had their arrangements played and recorded in StarMount Studio. Nothing is better than having your written works being materialize by seasoned musicians, playing it live and recorded in the studio. Students were excited and thrilled at the same time.

Its a great opportunity to be involved in a live recording situation, hear the texture of a recorded grand piano together with amped guitars and live drums.

Entire session was done with 6 mics, JZ V47 and Sennheiser  e902 on the drums (OH n Kick), AKG D112 on Ampeg, Sennheiser MD 421 on Fender and sE 4400a pair. All signals were transported by Analysis Plus Yellow Ovals cables.  Kept it simple and we love it! Especially the drums.  Fun Times :)

Its a learning experience for sessionist too..

Students interacting with Engineer

It's Fun to Study In StarMount Studio

Haha,  sight reading 101

When things starting to heat up...

But  all ended well :)

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