Monday, 4 July 2011

New Toys for Studio A

We're welcoming new Audient Black Series, SPL Transient Designer into our gear collection in Studio A. We have a full signal chain from mic pres to eqs to compressors, ADC and even master word clock, all nicely fitted in a 3U 10 slot rack. To my surprise, the PSU takes up another 2 U as opposed to other Lunchboxes which has just AC connectors.
Sonic quality aside, the appearance of the Audient Black looks promising. The knobs feels robust and we just love the LEDs, especially the VU meters on the compressors.
The SPL Transient Designer looks simple. With just Attack Release, Bypass and Link available, its pretty much straight forward to start using it. As its only accepts TRS I/Os, we have to make a couple of TRS-XLR cables for the patch work.
The studio is in need of a patchbay for all the gears and I can see it'll be arriving very soon.
Next up would be the test run of the new acquired gears... Can't wait to test them out!!!

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