Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Feshun - Shambe ft Rifga ( The first Maldivian Jazz Music Album )

Le Cute Presents Feshun - Shambe ft Rifga ( The first Maldivian Jazz Music Album ) Live in Maldives - 19th JULY 2011 at Olympus Stage ; Co - Sponsored by Wataniya Telecom Maldives and Bay Watch - Powered byBadhige TM ... Managed by Music House - TICKET Updates coming soon!!!

This is the latest update about the project done previously with StarMount Studio. We are honored to have the band in the studio. The band spent 4 full days on laying down the parts, trying out as a whole and multi-tracking. We had a half day loading and set up, mainly to get everyone comfortable in the studio (which is often an untold secret of successful recordings)

We tried new gears on this project, utilizing JZ's flagship model BH-1 aka BlackHole on the vocals and lead saxophone. Other than the stunning look of a large rectangle hole in the middle, the sonic quality is very unique as well. I personally likes tracking with figure of 8 on this mic as I find that it has the most 'intimate' feeling, yet retaining the smooth and silky highs of the vocals. 

The mic was able to drive the Portico pres up until 4 o'clock and the result is stunning, solid and warm vocals. I think both the Neve Porticos and Black Hole matches well. They complimented each other and especially when the silk button was on, it just made the already silky top end extra creamy! 

The rest of the recording setup were quite interesting as well, but the JZ BlackHole just stole the limelight for now. The band will be coming over later tonight and we'll be discussing on how to put up an ass kicking album launch in Maldives next week!

sneak preview on some of the tracks from the album

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