Wednesday, 21 March 2018

StarMount Studio is Turning 10

We're celebrating our milestone with giving out BeyerDynamic DT770M headphones for every 10 hours of studio time. To make it a sweeter deal, you can choose between DT770M 80 ohm or 250 ohm, or even DT770 Pro 80ohm/250 ohm.

It has been such a wonderful journey, making friends along the way and most importantly growing and sharing experiences together with the music community are just priceless!

We have been recording for a long time and we felt that a good pair of headphones really translates well into a better performance during recording. Its always good to have a reference headphones wherever you go, either for hygiene purposes, comfort and most of all you'll identify your own sound/ voice character interacting with different microphones or signal chain in various studio/ live situations.

You'll have your materials recorded at 96khz 32 bit as standard. Of course we can accommodate lower or higher sampling rates from 44.1khz up to 384khz DXD format. We have done a few DSD 256 recordings as well if you're into DSD, we'll be more than happy to be at your service!

Its no joke that we literally invested our life into music, always strive for better sound, improvements in workflow and delivery, giving clients the best and most comfortable recording/ music making experiences, getting new gears, learning new tricks (by the way our chief engineer Alex Tan has just completed a mixing seminar with Chris Lord-Alge and is all excited to share his learnings and experience with you!)

So, call us up or drop us an email at !

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