Thursday, 28 May 2015

Toro Cheng Trio "Pianistic Wolverine" @ StarMount Studio

"Pianistic Wolverine"was being captured in StarMount Studio. A jazz trio project headed by Toro Cheng (piano), Ken Chung (bass) and Terence Ling (Drums).

Exciting time as it was a debut album and we were having the trio in the studio for the first time as well.

We had this on Pyramix 9, everything routed through Audient Zen 16 channels mic pre and into Horus interface. The tone was unified and the instruments were easily blending together while maintaining separation.

Dixon Artisan, with Audio Technica AE 2500 dual element microphone pairing was interesting as this was a rather huge kit for a jazz trio. The AE2500 has a very mid body tone, and we like the options to blend the condenser microphone with the dynamic according to different intensity of the song.

We enjoyed the songs, especially the originals from Toro very much and definitely looking forward to more to come from the trio.

Check them out on iTunes!

Toro Cheng

Ken Chung

Terence Ling 

The Moment we have done recording.

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