Friday, 20 December 2013

Film Scoring with Ken Hor @ StarMount Studio

We had a thrilling week with Ken Hor on his latest film score for a horror movie coming to the screens soon. We don't think we're allowed to put a name to it yet but we can show you some hardworking musicians responsible for the fantastic music you're going to hear soon.
Ken is a perfectionist and strongly believes in acoustic instruments and tried very very hard to stay away from digital samples as much as possible, so he came to StarMount Studio (we liked to have everything recorded live too) for the job.

As you know the budget for music is tight these days, we worked our best to fit in as many great players as possible for the music. We did the harp at The Harp Academy Malaysia, where we recorded Jee Fei (founder of the school) with our mobile rig consisting Chandler TGII thru Lavry Blue ADDA. It was a straight forward but not easy stereo setup.

We had fantastic strings section back in the studio with violin, viola cello and double bass all together. We love the Audient Zen's pres on strings. They're balanced, clean and with a hint of warmth from the analog board. On the same night, we made use of the Disklavier on the DC-1 Grandpiano, playing back a fugue written by Ken and recorded back as an acoustic piano. It wasn't as simple as we thought, but its convincing after some tweaking were done on the midi.

Lastly the highlight/ theme song was recorded by Mei Sim. Her soulful voice went through sE 4400a to our newly acquired Tree Audio Branch. We loved the harmonic richness and the opto compressor works wonders.

That sums up part of the major highlights for the film scoring. Picture time :)

We do outcalls too

Fantastic Strings section
Tweaking to perfection

The Artiste, Producer and Engineer

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