Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Platform 11 Bowing On Electric Guitar and Other Interesting Stuffs@StarMount Studio

Lots of overdrive, delays and bass was fed to the Fender Deville as we attempt to bow the electric guitar. Trying to get different type of sound wall for one of the tracks, we tried various settings to get the sound that everyone approves. We noticed that adding in the bass from the guitar amp would give it more weight when placing it in the stereo field, and it sounded wider as well. 

Other interesting stuffs were the recordings of GuQin, a beautiful chinese instruments, recorded with the conventional technique and also bowed. The sound texture is a lot thicker than GuZheng with more intense dynamics, and it has almost non sustain and with a rather fast decay. An interesting instrument to mic up as the soundboard is facing downwards to the table. So we tried a few setup to get the most resonance from the board and mic with 3 mics as shown in the pic.  More to come as we have string quartets, solo violin and cello parts and other acoustic instruments to be recorded....

Alubakhan enjoying himself with the bowing...

Keith trying on the didgeridoo

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