Friday, 9 February 2018

"Dancing Shoes" Ryot Jones@StarMount Studio

Bright vibes follows wherever this band goes. Its precious that everyone is dedicated to make time, and get together to make music. These guys have hectic schedules and we manage to get them into one space for their debut single "Dancing Shoes"

Time was limited and we had only half a day to track the whole band. Got the rhythm section up through our trusted Audient Zen and bass direct into our go to Tree Audio Branch with little compression.

Guitars through the Vox AC30CCX, picked up with sE4400. Vocals were tracked with our latest addition of the Calrec Soundfield MKV. The voice captured was spacious and it sits very well in the mix even without any processing. Truly one of the best addition to the studio. 

The band was looking at a retro-ish vibe thus we sculpted the sound to be back at the 90's, especially with the synths and keyboard patches. 

JZ11 was called upon for capturing the saxophone solo at the last chorus of the song, Its our go to microphone for horns as it can handle high SPL and the top end was really smooth yet having good presence in the mix.

We've got Izzy as our guest barista at the "Happy Place"
Tracks were then mixed and summed through another newly acquired Fat Bustard Valve Summing Mixer from Thermionic Culture. The way it able to add textures to the mix was amazing and finally routed through another our favourite stereo buss compressor of the Audient Zen for that glue to the mix. (aka magic button)

Its been a great experience to be able to contribute to the band's first studio recorded single. We wish Ryot Jones all the best with "Dancing Shoes" and many more songs and success in the near future! 

Listening Party-Ryot Jones

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