Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Lets go Live! @StarMount Studio

When there's new toy or new space, we love to share it with our friends. Bell and gang came over to our new live recording venue for an impromptu jam. Well, it looks pretty good and undeniably fun!

The new space is to encourage bands to have more live performance recordings in both audio and more importantly video. Getting own content out could be costly at times, so we have come out with this idea of a produced live performance. Bands, artistes, singer songwriters, even stand up comedies can have their performance and get recorded professionally by our certified StarMount Dynamic engineers.

Back to Bell's story, we hanged out at our little cafe corner after session, she saw the space and felt like having a go with it and there you go, a new music video is born! Its that easy.

We've got to try out BeyerDynamic microphones, courtesy of Barnabas Goh from Tecxel Global. M69 was on the guitar (highly recommended) TG D70 on the kick drum (highly malleable with eq and comp), TG D50 on snare top (interesting texture, try it). Then its sE4400 on single overheads, Vocals captured with Beta 57a and Bass went in direct into JDI 48.
All the signals were handled with our trusted Audient Zen console, into our RME and Lavry converters and process and mixed real time in Pro Tools HD.

Video is captured with Samsung S7 edge, handheld, single continuous cam. Tracking was done by Alex Tan and Mixed by Daniel Yap.

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Saturday, 16 September 2017

It's the season of piano recording

In support of our problem previous post of StarMount Dynamics series 1, the studio is giving huge discounts for Piano Recording with the StarMount Dynamics Crew.

It's the best time to get your piano tracks recorded at StarMount Studio!
We have been recording piano for close to a decade. With a plethora of microphone selections from small to large diaphragm microphones and outboard gears to match the sound required for your projects.

The tracks will be recorded in 96khz 24 bit, wav format by default. Feel free to let us know of your preferred sample rate prior to your session.

Best times for the ones preparing their audition tapes, getting some real piano into your songs or just wants to record your own musical journal.

JZ 11 and sE4400 microphones on the sound board of our Yamaha Concert Series C1 Grand Piano

Friday, 15 September 2017

StarMount Dynamics Series 1 "Learn and Earn" Daniel Yap

Daniel Yap, joined the first batch of StarMount Dynamics at the age of 19. Throughout the teaching sessions and hands on training, Daniel has got the knowledge and hands on experience to take on recording projects after 2 months of StarMount Dynamics training.

He started with recording piano, vocals to stereo track, and eventually handling his own band recordings. Daniel has done mixing projects and the works got nominated in Taiwan as well.

Apart from the audio engineering jobs, Daniel is also an aspiring composer. He has worked with another promising talent, LadyAnna in producing "Gone". With the help of StarMount Records, the track is commercially available in iTunes and Spotify.

As of now, Daniel has worked on projects ranging from local to international clients.
Enquire within, or check out StarMount Dynamics FB page for more details and bookings!

Daniel (right) with Yip Sai Wing 

StarMount Dynamics, is an incubator project initiated by Alex Tan of StarMount Studio. The main objective is to share the knowledge, essential tools of know how in audio production and industry practises, empowering music makers to build their career right away.

It starts with a 4 hour per week (4 weeks) in class session, where the basics of audio terminology, signal flow and audio production essentials were taught and demonstrated. Followed by a 4 weeks hands on, where participants will be starting their song production projects, in specific field of song composition, music arrangement, recording, mixing and mastering.

All sessions will be carried out in StarMount Studio, and participants will get to experience and have access to the microphones and outboard gears available in the studio.

There will be a maximum of 6 pax per StarMount Dynamics batch.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

FUGU for Mrs K @StarMount Studio

FUGU, an improvisational music duo of theremin and violin was here to record music excerpts for "Mrs K" a film by Director Ho Yuhang.

Starting with the strings, we mic up the quartet players in a line formation from frist violin to cello. sE 3as were used for first and second violin, about 2 ft above the player's head, Akg C451B on viola and JZ V11 on cello. With a pair of sE RT1 in Blumlein for the overall ambient microphone, lush strings sounds were captured.

On the piano, we had our go to sE4400a pair on the piano. To get a wider and warmer tone, omni pattern will do the job. A little adjustments on the distance from the sound board to the microphone, we manage to get the right color for the job.

Mrs K is screening now in all major cinemas in Malaysia now.

The Gang of Strings
crispy snares

The Eyes and The Ears
The wind guys
Ethereal Piano Playing

Jalan- Jalan @StarMount Studio

Songstress Yudi Yap is back with her KopiSusu series, introducing her new original " Jalan-Jalan", a concoction of Yudi's poetic lyrics and Tay Cher Siang's musical genius. WVC Trio provided the musical backbone, and we had Fresco, an international award winning harmonica ensemble to be featured in the song. Double MS technique was used to capture the harmonica, having them surrounding the microphone sets, the recorded result were rich and real.

Yudi has put immense effort in introducing the NanYang tunes of the yesterdays, bridging and crossing over languages that many would never thought they were actually the same song, and some of its origins were from the old Malaya.

Although its a reissue of songs from previous album, the songs had undergone a complete remixing approachfrom the previous album, notably the vocals and double bass. The vocals has been tweaked to a more current sounding as compared to the previous album. The microphone used was sE RT1, a valved ribbon microphone with 16k cut off slope. So it took some effort to bring back the presence (air) on the recorded vocals.

There's also a show "Modern Grand Hotel-A Story Telling Live Concert" happening this Sept 8.9.15,16 and 17 that will feature some songs from the album.  Happening at the iconic Federal Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. Go check them out!

Yudi Yap (centre) with Fresco Harmonica Ensemble