Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Bihzhu "Bright Veins" @ StarMount Studio

Body percussions, indian ethnic percussions, gamelan and gongs, electric guitars, 2 choir groups, ringtones, double bass, coins, synths and more were being featured in Bihzhu's latest single "Bright Veins". 

With the same production team, Bihzhu as content creator and lead singer and Savy as music arranger and producer, once again we are able to have a dynamic and creative outcome that offers more compared to the "Nightingale Tales".

We used blumleins on the body percussions, most of the sound sources were captured with our favorite stereo ribbon tube microphones RT1. They work best on body percussions and claps, producing an un hyped and very natural sound reproduction, especially for finger snaps and claps.

Session was all the way 192khz 32bit and the track count went past 60 tracks. And we are still able to go further without slowing down the DAW at all, which was quite impressive for an i5 intel processor with just 4gb of RAM.

The objective of the music is to be as open as possible and it open its arms to participation to the music. Percussions and percussive sounds were mostly present in the song, everything was lead by Bihzhu's powerful vocals and backing harmonies.

We went mobile with the system, as we traveled out to capture the gamelan and gongs. Set up was simple and quick. Horus made connections easy with their DB25 to XLRs, and with Ravenna network, we got the shortest signal path as the Horus was placed right around the gamelan set, and all being connected to the DAW via network cable.

The track was mixed by Alex Tan of StarMount Studio and mastered by Woody at Westside Mastering. Such fun collaboration with so many talented and passionate personnels.

Watch "Bright Veins" Music Video, produced by Chris and his dynamic team, and get yourself a copy fromiTunes too!

Bihzhu, Zal and Savy discussing on the body percussion

Santosh providing the ethnic percussion touches.

Fly on the bass

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