Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Q Sound@ StarMount Studio

Great tunes and great times we had when Marques Young and the band recorded new materials for his upcoming album. We had John Thomas on drums, Zailan Razak bass, John Dip Silas playing the keys, Patrick Tebrack on Sax and Marques for the vocals and trombone.
Its always fun and challenging as we tracked all live. Utilizing all the space and rooms available, including the control room. The sound sources were well isolated and we love how the 22" hi hat sounding from the speakers.
That's the hi hat

StarMount Cafe

Can tell its a good session

Tracking off in control room

We were surprised  with Audient Black Series, where we put the Kick (e902) and Snare (SM57) through it. It has a nice saturation and punch when we crank up the thx on the pres, Glo on the EQ and both Overcomp and Smooth on the way out. It was amazing that the Audient Blacks could offer such variety of tone color, from rather transparent and open, to some really warm and punchy sounds.

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