Sunday, 3 July 2011

Share The Love

Share The Love! 
We were honored to be in this Share The Love movement, started by Julie's biscuits... They really put their heart and soul in baking biscuits and.. (well, just buy their new oligo 25 oat biscuits and you'll find out how tasty they are.)
Together with Adrian Lai and Yuri Wong as producers, we're able to have Asmidar and Bihzhu to do their songs in StarMount Studio. "Langit Biru" by Asmidar and "Heart Way" of Bihzhu. Both are unique and the approach was full of fun and excitements. 
"Langit Biru" has a nice blend of instruments line up. And its always challenging to capture violins and trumpets. Nonetheless, Asmidar's vocal is just superb. 2 takes was all we need...
As for Bihzhu, we took a different and fun approach. Other than vocal, ukelele and double bass, we used non musical instruments to create beats and fills throughout the song. I was surprised to hear the blend of a floor tom with the double bass would have the outcome of a timpani. We discovered some really interesting sounds as well, but grinding sugar with plastic on ceramic plate, and many more...
You can check out the final product here : 
The songs are available for download F.O.C and there are some really good clips too. Enjoy!

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