Friday, 25 August 2017

Axis VoiceBox S Loudspeaker @StarMount Studio

We are delighted to have a pair of Axis VoiceBox S in the studio, and it could never be any better to be able to meet the designer/ founder John Reilly from Australia.

The ones we've got are piano black in gloss finishing. These are passive speakers and they housed interesting vertical ribbon tweeters paired with 5 inch driver. 

Musical was the first impression when we played through our reference tracks. Having read reviews about the VoiceBox, we want to add in that the stereo imaging was very accurate. This is essential in track balance, horizontally and vertically. Its very good especially in the 800hz-3khz region. We had some fun trying to balance vocal tracks with the pair, and to our surprise the reproduction was consistent across platforms. Now we know one thing for sure, its really good in positioning, especially on the mid range frequencies. 

The highs were smooth and alive,  we love to hear kick drums through the pair. Tight and punchy. Again, this is a very musical pair of speakers. Although it was made for the Hi Fi market,  but John has done a good job in tweaking the VoiceBox to be useful for critical listening too. This pair has found its place in the studio, the more its being played, the better it gets.

Axis VoiceBox on top of Solitaire 6A speakers (not actual positioning)

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